Avalon Simple Inventory

Ideal for plants or warehouses that have:

  • Little or no IT support.
  • 10 or fewer material handlers per shift.
  • Start by "taking inventory" then later graduate to managing your inventory in real time.


Real time visibility:
Prevent costly errors by watching what is going on in your warehouse, in real time, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Track & trace your inventory by sku, sku and lot, or sku, lot and pallet for regulatory compliance and recall.

Save money:
Eliminate time spent "searching" for inventory.

Save space:
Maximize warehouse utilization by directing employees pick locations clean.

Raise the bar:

Track tasks completed on an employee by employee basis.


Easy to use - setup in hours, train in minutes, go live tomorrow. It's not software, it's a spreadsheet.

Cloud based - No IT support required.

Infinitely customizable at low cost to meet client specific requirements. Transactions store and forward on devices, full coverage wifi not required. Works with or without barcoded inventory.

Implementation methodology

30-60 minute web demo to sketch out requirements, determine fit, and estimate cost for any customizations necessary.

Typical customization budget is $0 to $5,000.

Hosting: $200-$350/mo per site, unlimited users

Typical time to delivery < 10 business days from receipt of PO. Industrial devices preconfigured and delivered ready to run.


Supported rugged devices

All Motorola "MC" devices. (MC9190 , MC3190 recommended)

All Intermec devices that run the Intermec HTML5 browser. (CK71, CK3X recommended)

Supported consumer grade devices

All IOS devices. (ipad mini recommended with or without bluetooth barcode scanner)


What do those industrial devices cost?

Industrial devices run from $2,200 to $3,200 each depending upon configuration. This includes 3 year maintenance contract that covers accidental damage.